Throbbing rage gland

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throbbing rage gland
throbbing rage gland

This is a pulsing glob of flesh that fell off of the Crimbomination. It's literally dripping with rage. I guess it's understandable, though -- if you were a giant, hulking monstrosity made up of thousands of mutated Crimbo elves stuck together with melting, irradiated flesh, you'd probably be pretty angry, too.

Type: usable
Grants Skill: Vent Rage Gland
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: throbbing rage glands)
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Obtained From

Sweet Sassafrass, what is that thing?
The Crimbomination (after the first use of Recite 'The Spirit of Crimbo')

When Used

  • First time:
You wring out the rage gland and drink all of the rage. You feel your own rage gland begin to throb, deep inside your... part of your body where you keep your rage gland.
You acquire a skill: Ventrage.gif Vent Rage Gland

(This skill has automatically been marked Hardcore Permanent.)

  • Subsequent use attempts:
You don't think your rage gland could handle another shot of that stuff...


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