This Is Your Life. Your Horrible, Horrible Life.

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This Is Your Life. Your Horrible, Horrible Life.
This Is Your Life. Your Horrible, Horrible Life.

In Regret Man's level, you come to a room with nothing in it but a folding chair and a television. You glance at the screen, and it appears to be playing a series of clips from your life -- a comprehensive documentary of every embarrassing thing you've ever said or done.

Oh my. This is going to be difficult to watch.

Watch it. All of it.

You watch the whole thing. Every single mistake. Every single failure. Every single missed opportunity. You feel the energy drain from you.

MPYou lose 100 Mana Points.
  • With 100 MP or less:

You can't stand the shame. You hang your head and walk back out the way you came in.

  • With more than 100 MP:

It took a lot out of you, but you made it through. You shudder one last time and notice a door on the other side of the room. You walk through it, head held... not exactly high, but not hanging.

  • With 1000 or more MP:
Then watch it again with the commentary on!

You're so full of energy that you are impervious to harm. The television does its worst, and you just laugh. Then the television explodes, leaving behind only a single gleaming pixel.

Who's laughing now? (It's still you.)

Flickerpixel.gifYou acquire an item: flickering pixel

I can't bear to see it.

You can't face that right now.

Occurs in Regret Man's Level.


  • The flickering pixel can only be collected once per account. The option will disappear in subsequent encounters.
  • Choosing the option "I can't bear to see it." does not consume an adventure.
  • Unlike the first choice, the commentary option does not actually drain MP.