They Did the Vote. They Did the Monster Vote.(3)

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They Did the Vote. They Did the Monster Vote.
They Did the Vote. They Did the Monster Vote.

Here is where you vote on which monsters you want to see in the second zone of the second floor of the Time-Twitching Tower. Everybody gets three votes, and at an arbitrary moment of our choosing, the three most popular monsters will be brought to horrible life.

Our Candidates:

hep cat -- This guy's on the trolley. He's the bee's knees, a cake-eater on the prowl for a choice bit of calico. He's an excuse to use a lot of 20s slang.

cigarette girl -- Candy? Cigarettes? Candy Cigarettes? Savage beatings?

flopper -- She's trying her best to flap, but she's not very good at it.

jazzman -- Attacks with his jazz hands while smoking jazz cigarettes and playing Jazz Jackrabbit.

cabaret magician -- He's a real prohibistidigitator.

Mob Penguin entrepreneur -- This place gives him an idea...

You can vote for three different monsters, or you can spend multiple votes on a single monster if you really, really think it's a cool monster.
You have X vote(s) left.

Vote for hep cat
Vote for cigarette girl
Vote for flopper
Vote for jazzman
Vote for cabaret magician
Vote for Mob Penguin entrepreneur
Back to the booth.

You head back... wait, you were already in the booth. You jump up and down for a minute.

Occurred as a choice in Time-Twitching Tower Voting / Phone Booth to decide which monsters would appear in An Illicit Bohemian Party.