The ghost of Oily McBindle

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The ghost of Oily McBindle
Monster ID 1946
Locations The Overgrown Lot
Hit Points 10
Attack 3
Defense 2
Initiative 5
Meat None
Phylum undead
Elements spooky
Resistance 100%
Monster Parts head, arm, leg, torso
haunted bindle, 5 psychokinetic energy blobs
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
the ghost of Oily McBindle You're fighting the ghost of Oily McBindle

A chill wind blows through the Overgrown Lot, rustling the discarded newspapers and raising goosebumps on the backs of your arms. Then, a voice, a hoarse throaty whisper: "Hey lady. Spare a diiiiiime?"

A glistening oil puddle in the corner of the lot bubbles and seethes and stretches, forming a round globule, a tarry orb roughly the size and shape of a human head rising out of the puddle. A mouth opens on the front of it and moans. It continues to rise, forming shoulders and arms, looking very much like a person climbing out of a hole in the ground, glistening black oil dripping all around it as it stands and slowly begins to shuffle toward you. "Help a fella down on his luuuuuuck..."

Hit Message(s):

A thick black tendril of oil burst from the ghost's body and wraps around your ankle, yanking you off your feet. Ooh! Eek! Oof! (sleaze damage)

The ghost howls and throws a ball of black, stinking oil at you, smacking you right in the <arse>. Ouch! Ooh! Ugh! (sleaze damage)

The ghost throws a punch at you from seemingly well out of range, but the oily mass of his arm stretches to accomodate the distance. Eek! Oof! Ouch! (sleaze damage)

Critical Hit Message:

The ghost howls, then coughs, then projectile-vomits a torrent of black glistening oil all over you. (CRITICAL HIT!) Ugh! (sleaze damage)

Miss Message(s):

An oily tendril snakes out of the ghost's body and grabs at you, but just barely misses.

The ghost throws an oily projectile at you, but you jump out of the way.

The ghost tries to whip one of its oily arms at you, but you quickly back out of its range.

Fumble Message:

"Whoooops!" The ghost skids on a patch of his own oil and loses his balance for a moment. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Ectoglob.gifYou acquire 3-5 psychokinetic energy blobs (100% chance)*

Only if killed with Trap Ghost:

Bindle.gifYou acquire an item: haunted bindle (100% chance)*
You gain ? <substat>.

Occurs at The Overgrown Lot, after being informed about paranormal activity.