The funk

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the funk
the funk

This is a little vial of the funk, in liquid form. Don't fake it.

Type: spleen item (EPIC)
Toxicity: 1
Selling Price: 70 Meat.

(In-game plural: vials of the funk)
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Item number: 7330
Description ID: 618750346
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Obtained From

The Haunted Laboratory
the gunk
mouldering barrel
Dropped after combat by a Lil' Barrel Mimic (sometimes)

When Consumed

You pour the funk into your Mojo-hole. That's what you call your mouth. Or at least it's what you used to call it, before this funk made you stop calling your mouth such an uncool thing.
You gain 37 Cheek.
(You gain 1 Spleen.)


  • 5 of these can be used to add +25% to all Moxie Gains to your pantogram pants.


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