The Yeti Fund Plaque

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The Yeti Fund Plaque

The Yeti Fund Plaque is located on the The Museum's Second Floor in Seaside Town.

A fancy plaque on the wall reads:

These adventurers gave most generously of their Meat, so that the Council could acquire a breeding pair of Knott Yetis (featured in one of the Cannon Museum's other exhibits) to begin the process of repopulating the Icy Peak and driving away the Penguin Mafia.

Top Thirty Yeti Fund Contributors:
Name Meat
Gypsy Swingtoes 600,000,000
Kalamitye 134,000,000
Contrickster 126,111,111
Saucy Wizard 100,000,000
Charbroiled 50,555,308
Boofalo 50,000,000
X3N0 40,000,000
Auguris 34,398,460
Ometeotl 30,000,030
GHOST 23,118,906
brushhopper 20,000,000
peterzulu 20,000,000
Kensoir 20,000,000
River Jones 20,000,000
Caecias 18,000,001
frank_the_tank15 15,893,090
SundayNightFever 15,000,000
Arehberg 15,000,000
Echotheory 14,000,000
D L 13,371,337
Kamara 13,000,000
pfeff 11,000,011
Seldon 10,300,000
LargoL33T 10,002,937
Shes_a_libra 10,000,000
spooky kid 10,000,000
Grunj 10,000,000
Nekosoft 10,000,000
Annai 10,000,000
Tanto 10,000,000