The Worm Wood

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The Worm Wood is an area of The Distant Woods which is only accessible if you are currently under the influence of the Absinthe-Minded effect.

Here you can find:


  • All enemies in the Worm Wood scale to your buffed stats, to a maximum monster level of 120.
  • There are a series of effects to be gained in the various zones of the Worm Wood. Each of these effects allows for a different outcome in one of the adventures in another zone.
  • The Worm Wood Done Quickly page will help you get to the prize of your choice, fast.
  • Attempting to adventure here without the Absinthe-Minded effect gives the message, "For some reason, you can't find your way back there."


  • Wormwood is an ingredient in absinthe containing thujone, which is commonly (and mistakenly) believed to be a hallucinogen.
  • Baz Luhrmann's movie Moulin Rouge! portrayed the "green fairy", slang for absinthe, as an actual green fairy, similar to the mechanism by which this zone is unlocked in the game.
  • Virtually all of the adventures in this area refer to visual artists or literary figures strongly associated with mind-altering drugs, or to works by such persons.