The Wall of Wailing

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Confirm basic requirements to pass.

The Wall of Wailing
The Wall of Wailing

You find yourself in a broad and high-ceilinged chamber in Regret Man's level. The opposite door is in sight, and what should be a cakewalk is rendered significantly more challenging by the appearance of a massive, room-spanning wall of tears that surges into being in front of you.

It slowly advances on you, accompanied by the sound of weeping. Strangely familiar. Is it... you? Are you about to drown in your own tears?

Resist the tide

You scream and wail as you flail against the relentless wall of tears.

  • If you have hot damage:

Some of the tears boil away.

  • If you have cold damage:

Some of the tears freeze and clatter away harmlessly.

  • If you have spooky damage:

Some of the tears shudder and evaporate into a spooky mist.

  • If you have stench damage:

Some of the tears congeal into a foul-smelling green ooze and slither away.

  • If you have sleaze damage:

Some of the tears abruptly start moving in the other direction, as though embarrassed to be seen with you.

  • With less than ?? total elemental damage:

It's not enough. The tears overwhelm you. Sobbing, you are flushed out of the room by the sobbing.

  • With more than ?? total elemental damage:

And... the tears are gone. You've overcome the overwhelming wave of sadness and opened the way forward.

Make the tide resist you

You hold your weapon aloft, and its rainbow glow shines so brightly that the flood of tears recedes of its own volition. As it recedes, you see a glimmering on the floor of the chamber.

Flickerpixel.gifYou acquire an item: flickering pixel

Turn back

Your own tears make you sad, and you don't want to get trapped in a vicious cycle. You flee.

Occurs at Regret Man's Level


  • You will need to have at least ???(>7) points of Prismatic Damage to pass.
  • The flickering pixel can only be collected once per account. The option will disappear in subsequent encounters.
  • Choosing the option "Turn back" does not consume an adventure.
  • An easy way to get the flickering pixel is to get all 5 elemental damage buffs from Dreadsylvania. Pick up the Dreadful Rainbow trophy while you're at it.