The Unpermery

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The Unpermery

Select a skill add its karmic value to your existing X karmic pool.

Warning, warning, warning. There's no confirmation box or dialog or whatever because the whole point of this thing is to do dangerous things. Be Careful.

-- Select a Permed Skill --
Destroy Skill
Turning <skillname> (P) into 100 karma. Poof.


Turning <skillname> (HP) into 200 karma. Poof.

or, trying to unperm a non-guild skill or clicking the button while no skill is selected

That's not a skill.

or, trying to unperm a guild skill that you do not have permed

You don't have that skill permed.

I'm Out of Here

Available from Account Options


  • Added on November 20th, 2013, for "the next 30 days".
  • HP skills are worth 200 karma, softcore permed skills are worth 100 karma.
  • Only skills taught by the guild trainers are eligible for unperming.
  • Unperming a skill will make you immediately forget it. If it is one of your own class skills then you can buy it back from your guild trainer.
  • Selecting "I'm Out of Here" returns you to the Options page.
  • Each skill was listed similar to this: Advanced Cocktailcrafting (P - 100 Karma)
  • The skills were alphabetized
  • Accounts with no permed skills (ascended or unascended) can access the Unpermery, but can't do anything useful there.

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