The Unknown Disco Bandit

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The Unknown Disco Bandit
Monster ID 1779
Locations Tomb of the Unknown Your Class Here
Hit Points 15
Attack 25
Defense 25
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum undead
Elements spooky
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts unknown
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
The Unknown Disco Bandit You're fighting The Unknown Disco Bandit

The ghost pulls out a switchblade knife and flicks it open, revealing a comb instead of a blade. She smooths the side of her pompadour and grins. "You really think you got what it takes?" she asks. "Remember, the classics never go out of style." She tosses the comb from hand to hand, and with a blur of movement you can't quite catch, switches it for an actual knife.

Hit Message(s):

A kick from her platform heels does a real number on your <giblets>.

She suddenly drops to the floor in a split, kicking your feet out from under you.

You suddenly notice that her platform heels have little fishtanks, with the ghosts of goldfish in them. While you're noticing this, she knifes you in the <leg>.

Critical Hit Message:

She temporarily blinds you with the shiny sequins on her suit, and then makes a more permanent attempt with her knife.

Miss Message(s):

She kicks you with her platform heels, but they pass right through your <thigh>.

She does a split, but goes down too far and ends up most of the way underground.

You ask her when was the last time she fed the fish in the heels of his platform shoes. "Oh crap!" she replies.

Fumble Message:

She accidentally gets her knife and comb mixed up, and tries to comb your <arm>. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

"Okay, okay, you win!"

Occurs after the right answer in Tomb of the Unknown Your Class Here (as a Disco Bandit).