The Unhurt Locker

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The Unhurt Locker
The Unhurt Locker

You follow the sound of splashing water to what looks like the warbear shower room. I mean, I say "what looks like," but, I mean, it's got lockers; it's got showers; it's got loads of white hair all over the place; it's definitely the warbear shower room. Either that, or you've somehow been transported to your local YMCA on Senior Day, but that's unlikely.

You hear a warbear splashing around in the shower, and then you see that he's left his locker open with a pile of gear inside

Loot the Locker

Uncle Crimbo claps his massive hands with glee when he sees your latest haul. "This is great, kid!" he says. "The War Machine only needs a couple more pieces, and then we'll give those bears what for. Oh, yeah. We're going to deck some halls and jingle some bells, just you wait!"

You leave him to his War Machine-building and head back into CrimboTown.

Occurs at the WarBear Fortress (First Level) after defeating 1200 Warbear Foot Soldiers.


  • The title of this adventure is a reference to the movie The Hurt Locker.