The Tweedleporium

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The Tweedleporium

The Tweedleporium is found in The Rabbit Hole.

The Tweedleporium As you enter the little shop, two identically-dressed portly young men smile at you and shake each others' hand.

"How d'ye do?" says one.
"And how d'ye do?" says the other.
"Welcome to the Tweedleporium!"
"Welcome, welcome, welcome!"
"If you have some meat, why not buy something for one of your friends?"
"Contrariwise, if you haven't any meat, why not buy something for one of your enemies?"

Items for Sale:
Item: Price:
Jamjar.gif jam (sold out, more tomorrow)
Dough.gif puff of smoke 100 Meat
Stuffbander.gif stuffed bandersnatch
On Sundays
10,000 Meat
Stuffcaterpillar.gif stuffed caterpillar
On Mondays
10,000 Meat
Stuffwalrus.gif stuffed walrus
On Tuesdays
10,000 Meat
Stuffcarp.gif stuffed carpenter
On Wednesdays
10,000 Meat
Stuffdodo.gif stuffed dodo
On Thursdays
10,000 Meat
Stuffdolphin.gif stuffed porpoise
On Fridays
10,000 Meat
Stuffwatch.gif stuffed pocketwatch
On Saturdays
10,000 Meat
Madhat.gif insane tophat 20,000 Meat
Knighthat.gif helm of the white knight 30,000 Meat
Knightpants.gif trousers of the white knight 30,000 Meat
Nicewatch.gif wristwatch of the white knight 30,000 Meat


  • It is exceedingly unlikely that there will ever be jam for sale on a given day that you go there. Per the White Queen, there is "Jam tomorrow, and jam yesterday, but never jam today."
  • Before March 12, 2010
The little shop's door is locked, and a sign on it reads: "If we're open, please enter; contrariwise, if we're closed, please exit."
We didn't quite finish this store up before it became too late to put off the Item-of-the-Month any longer. It won't be long until it's open.

XOXO, Jick and Co.