The Toot Oriole

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This article is about the in-game NPC. For the player, see Toot Oriole.
The Toot Oriole

Upon entering the Kingdom of Loathing for the first time, a new Adventurer sees the message: "You might want to check out Mt. Noob, in the Big Mountains." There, the Toot Oriole sends you on a series of tasks for which he rewards you with useful items.


When you have completed your training, the Toot Oriole won't be able to help you any longer on your quest:

"You're all done here! Now head to the Council of Loathing, in the center of Seaside Town. They'll tell you if there are any tasks required of enterprising Adventurers like yourself. Good luck!"
  • The Oriole is equally unhelpful on later visits:
The Toot beams at you proudly.
"You've learned everything I can teach you, Adventurer. Now get out there and make a name for yourself. Perhaps <playername>. That seems like a good name."
  • You don't have to complete the tutorial again post-Ascension. Instead, Toot Oriole will give you a letter from King Ralph XI, which contains the rewards you earned in your previous ascension:
"Welcome back, $playername... er... welcome, Adventurer!" says the Toot Oriole with a gleam in his eye.
"How did you..." you begin to ask, but the Oriole cuts you off.
"It looks like you're not in need of any training, but I believe I've got something someone left here for you."
The Oriole roots around in his nest and produces a letter.
Envelope.gifYou acquire an item: letter from King Ralph XI
The Toot Oriole seems to have flown the coop, so to speak. He probably wouldn't have had much advice for someone in your rather unique circumstances, anyway.
You search his nest -- which, strangely, appears to be made of shiny golden twigs -- and find a crumpled letter, addressed to you!
Envelope.gifYou acquire an item: letter from King Ralph XI
You climb to the top of the peak, and find a large empty bird's nest. If this is where the Toot Oriole lives, he must've flown the coop.
There's nothing around except for a large white envelope. Which is addressed to you. That's weird.
Envelope.gifYou acquire an item: letter to Ed the Undying
  • Afterwards as Ed:
You return to the big weird nest, but there's still nobody here. And there's no new mail for you.