The Tinker's. Damn.

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The Tinker's. Damn.
The Tinker's. Damn.

Given the preponderance of clockwork craziness bedecking the walls of this shed, you'd have to say it was the home of some sort of mad tinker.

There's a crazy assortment of tools and workbenches and shelves in here. There's even one of those old rock-polishing machines. You don't even know where to start.

Rummage through the shelves

You pore through a dozen dusty toolboxes, half a dozen crates of scrap metal, a quarter of a dozen piles of junk and an eighth of a dozen old coffee cans. You find nothing useful except for a little bit of loose change.

Dv krueggerand.gifYou acquire 5-6 Freddy Kruegerands

With a complicated lock impression and an intricate music box parts

Make a key using the wax lock impression

Using the parts you found in that old music box, you make a key that matches the wax impression of that super-complicated lock.

Dv fancykey.gifYou acquire an item: replica key

With a moon-amber

Polish the moon-amber

You toss the moon-amber into the rock polisher and turn it on. Then you let it run for 12 hours. Seriously, can't they make these things any faster?

Dv amber2.gifYou acquire an item: polished moon-amber

With three handfuls of intricate music box parts and one Dreadsylvanian clockwork key

Assemble a clockwork bird

You use the delicate clockwork key and a bunch of music box parts to assemble a delightful little wind-up bird.

Mechbirdlarva.gifYou acquire an item: unwound mechanical songbird

Look through the boxes

You dig through the boxes on the floor to see what you can find. What you can find is three lengths of still-viable cannon fuse, and that is in fact what you do find.

Dv oldfuse.gifYou acquire 3 lengths of old fuse


This shed is for nerds. You leave.

Occurs at The Even More Dreadful Part of Town in Dreadsylvanian Village.