The Thin Tie-Dyed Line

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The Thin Tie-Dyed Line
The Thin Tie-Dyed Line

You successfully sneak into the hippy camp without being seen. That'd be impressive, if most of the hippies weren't already failing to see things that are right in front of them, while also seeing things that don't exist. Anyway, you see three yurts nearby, each with a tie-dyed sign hanging on them. Which yurt would you like to explore?

The Munitions Yurt
Munitions on the Bounty

You sneak over to the munitions dump. You hum "to the dump, to the dump, to the dump-dump-dump" as you loot yourself some of the combat items the hippies use to beautifully, peacefully, and with love blow the ever-loving crap out of the frat boys.

You manage to escape without singeing your nose hairs, inhaling any weird smoke, or having to eat anything organic, so you figure your mission's accomplished.

Bong.gifYou acquire 2-5 water pipe bombs

The Rations Yurt
Listen All Y'all

You wander into the yurt that contains the hippy rations. You carefully open a few, marveling at the cruelty-free, organic nature of them. Just looking at them makes you at once more at peace with your animal friends, and decidedly less hungry than you were before.

Then you carefully replace all of the cruelty-free stuff with actual meat and blissfully bug-free pesticide-laden vegetables. Looks like soon some hippies are going to develop a craving for actual food.

You laugh moxiously to yourself, then realize you're making a lot of noise, and resolve to sneak stealthily again.

You gain 50 Sarcasm.

The Barracks Yurt
The Barracks Yurt

You walk into the Barracks Yurt, holding your breath against the smell of dozens of hippy blankets and pillows. You see a hippy officer carefully applying mud to his Lockenstock™ sandals, so as to provide a good example for the new recruits. When he spots you, he runs over to throw down with you -- he's so fast, in fact, that you barely have time to read this description:

War Hippy drill sergeant This monster is a Hippy -- (edit metadata)

Occurs at The Hippy Camp (Verge of War).


  • "The Thin Red Line" refers to an outgunned military unit holding firm against attack, as shown in the book and movie of the same name. Police forces are also referred to as The Thin Blue Line between civilization and anarchy. The phrase has been co-opted into a number of other phrases, including this adventure's title.
  • "To the dump" is a reference to an old joke:
    Question: Where does The Lone Ranger take his garbage?
    Answer: To the dump, to the dump, to the dump-dump-dump!
    The punchline can be sung to the tune of Rossini's finale to the William Tell Overture, which was used as the theme song for The Lone Ranger television show.
  • "Munitions on the Bounty" is a reference to the film and novel Mutiny on the Bounty.

Island6.gif The Hippy Camp (Verge of War) Choice Adventures
Bait and Switch   Blockin' Out the Scenery   The Thin Tie-Dyed Line
Take the bait and go wreak havoc gain 50 Beefiness The Chill-Out Yurt gain 50 Magicalness The Munitions Yurt 2-5 water pipe bombs
Gaffle some bait for later 2-5 handfuls of ferret bait The Rations Yurt cruelty-free wine, handful of walnuts, Genalen™ Bottle, mixed wildflower greens, thistle wine The Rations Yurt gain 50 Sarcasm
Wake the cadet up and fight him fight a War Hippy (space) cadet (The Lookout Tower / The H.A.S.H. Yurt) (start the war / nothing) The Barracks Yurt Fight a War Hippy drill sergeant