The Spoils of Warbears

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The Spoils of Warbears
The Spoils of Warbears

You stop to take a breather, and notice two things. The first is that you're not currently being attacked by warbears, which is awesome. The second is that you're standing by a little podium with a sheet of paper on it and one of those vacuum-tube-delivery-thingies they used to have at banks nearby. The paper has pictures of various warbear whosits, with checkboxes so you can pick the ones you want. It must be some kind of requisition form! Thank goodness the warbears are as devoted to meaningless bureaucracy as everyone else!

Fill out the Requisition Form

You fill out the requisition form and let it swish-THUNK down the tube. In a few minutes, a quad-copter comes flying up with a package hanging off of it. You run the package to Uncle Crimbo to see what he makes of it.

"Wow, kid, what a haul!" he says, his eyes glowing as brightly as the tip of his cheap cigar. "This thingummy will work great in my War Engine, and with the rest we can make a few more special machines for K.R.A.M.P.U.S. One of them makes little collectible thingies that the kids like nowadays, and one of them produces potions that are sure to help you bear your fights better. Get it, kid?" You decline to say that yes, you got it, but you wish you could give it back, and go to check out K.R.A.M.P.U.S.

Occurs at WarBear Fortress (First Level)