The Spider Queen's Lair

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The Spider Queen's Lair
The Spider Queen's Lair
Zone Num 523
Location FantasyRealm, by LyleCo
Unlocks The Cyrkle Is Compleat: go to the Spider Queen's Lair (with rogue's mask)
Recom Stat
Combat % 0
Terrain outdoor
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The Spider Queen's Lair is located in FantasyRealm, by LyleCo, and unlocked by a choice in The Cyrkle Is Compleat.

You need 500 Moxie to enter. Otherwise, you get the message:

You'll have to be a lot more dextrous than you are now if you're going to navigate the maze of spiderwebs leading to the Spider Queen's Lair.

[You need 500 Moxie to go in here.]

Non-combat Adventures

Now You've Spied Her
Now You've Spied Her
  • Fight her: Fight Spider Queen
  • Fight her [bad idea]: Lose all HP
  • Leave for now: Leave