The Spacement

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The Spacement
The Spacement

Even though there's no good reason for the bottom part of a spaceship to be darker than the top parts, the bottom part of this one totally is.

You don't find anything of interest except a computer terminal, lit up with streams of that nonsense alien language.

Use the secret computer

You sit down at the confusing foreign computer and use it to the best of your ability. (The best of your ability is currently X.) You learn a little bit about love, a little bit about life, and a little bit about astrogation and star physics.

You gain Y Strongness.
You gain Y Wizardliness.
You gain Y Sarcasm.
  • With at least 11 alien language skill:

You even figure out how to print out some of the computer's source code on the weird alien dot-matrix printer next to the computer.

Punchcard.gifYou acquire an item: alien source code printout

Are you afraid of the dark? Yes, apparently.

Occurs at The Crash Site of an Alien Spaceship From Space.


  • X is equal to your alien language skill, and Y is equal to 3-5 times your alien language skill. Uncapped.