The Smacketeria

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The Smacketeria

The Smacketeria is located in the Brotherhood of the Smackdown.

Muscle-based classes who have passed the fourth guild task may purchase items here (Level 9+ Accordion Thieves that have gained access to The Shadowy Store may as well).

Recordsguy.gif "Welcome to the Smacketeria. Our goods are better for getting the best of your opponent."

Accordion Thieves entering the store will also see the following message before the normal message:

You sneak into the Smacketeria like a Thief in the Smacketeria, because you are, in fact, a Thief in the Smacketeria.

Items Sold

Items for sale:
Item: (click for description) Price:
— General Goods —
Goofballs.gif Medicinal Herb's medicinal herbs 100 Meat
Clock.gif cheap wind-up clock 200 Meat
Potion5.gif blood of the Wereseal 500 Meat
Knuckles.gif enchanted brass knuckles 1,000 Meat
— Seal Clubbery —
Blubbercandle.gif seal-blubber candle 100 Meat
Sealfig1.gif figurine of a wretched-looking seal 150 Meat
Sealfig2.gif figurine of a cute baby seal 250 Meat
Sealfig3.gif figurine of an armored seal 500 Meat
— Turtle Taming Supplies —
Vial.gif turtle pheromones 50 Meat
Turtlestick.gif turtling rod 500 Meat