The Slug-Horn to Your Lips You Set

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The Slug-Horn to Your Lips You Set
The Slug-Horn to Your Lips You Set

You finally did it. You killed all the skeletons.

You mount the last set of stairs. You open the last door. You find yourself in the tippy-topmost room of the tower. After your eyes adjust to the light being cast by clusters of candles mounted on every convenient surface, windows in every direction reveal an endless expanse of swirling black clouds above, an endless expanse of forest below.

You're not here for the view, though. What you're here for is in the middle of the room, atop an altar made of bones, shimmering in the flickering light of three hundred and seventy three candles.

A sword.


Pcgsword.gifYou acquire an item: Sword of Procedural Generation

Occurs on the 374th floor of The Tower of Procedurally-Generated Skeletons.


  • The Scottish Gaelic word for "gathering-cry" (or "battle-cry") was borrowed into English as slughorn to eventually become slogan.


  • Sometime between January 10 and November 17, 2013, the second sentence started with "You finally killed".