The Skies over Valhalla

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Without a yeti mount:

You poke your head through the slash, and find yourself looking at Valhalla from a dizzying height. Come down now, they'll say, but there's no way you're going all the way through that slash without some sort of transportation.

Maybe like a hideous winged yeti mount? You should go see those A. W. O. L. guys on the Nearby Plains about getting yourself one of those.

Attempting to engage the swarm without a yeti mount:

You can't do anything without some way of flying. And before you go pointing at all of the stuff in your inventory that says it lets you fly or float or levitate or whatever, that stuff won't work. You're gonna need a hideous winged yeti mount, because that's the only thing that can handle this particular kind of flying. Because of science.

With a yeti mount:

You whistle for <yetiname>, hop on his back, and hurtle through the slash with a mighty roar and a disgustingly loud belch. In all this excitement, you're not even sure which of those came from which of you.

Attempting to adventure in any of the above locations while falling-down drunk:

There are at least two of everything up there, and you're also worried that you might fall off your yeti. You should maybe come back when you're at least slightly less drunk.

Occurs at An Astral Slash.


  • After every 500th skeleton kill in any zone:
An A. W. O. L. Messenger instantly flies up to you and says "Good work, Adventurer. Admiral Hagnk wanted you to have this."
Aolcom.gifYou acquire an item: A. W. O. L. commendation
  • On May 12 at 12:30 this page went down with the following message:
    We're fixing some problems with the world event right now.

    Oh, umm, I mean... Admiral Hagnk says that the Astral Slashes have become especially unstable, and that they're too dangerous to enter for the next fifteen minutes or so. Also he says your pants are out of style.
  • When attempting to adventure in these locations with 0 adventures left.

You want to help fight Corman's invading army, but you don't have time.

  • Valhalla progressively got worse as the siege continues.
    • Day 1: City1.gif
    • Day 2: City2angels.gif
    • Day 3: City3lostchildren.gif
    • Day 4: City4compton.gif
    • Day 5: City5erotic.gif
  • Corman's attack had several phases, which ultimately ended in the Bone Star.
  • On Day 1, a massive swarm of Yeti-mounted skeletons was spotted.
  • On Day 2, the massive Bone Wall was erected.
  • On Day 3, a massive battleship joined in Corman's assault.
    • Due to the highly effective and highly coordinated efforts of the Kingdom's adventurers, the battleship was taken out in a mere day.
  • On Day 4, a massive supply train joined in Corman's assault, replacing the battleship.
    • Once again, due to the highly effective and highly coordinated efforts of the Kingdom's adventurers, the train was taken out in a mere day.
  • On Day 5, the Bone Star appeared and replaced all the previous waves.