The Sinister Dodecahedron

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The Sinister Dodecahedron

The Sinister Dodecahedron was viewable from The LAAAAME Observatory . It was first discovered by BlackMage (#39729) on May 20, 2006 at 12:56 AM.

The LAAAAME Observatory

You used to be able to view The Sinister Dodecahedron from The LAAAAME Observatory:

You focus the telescope on a giant dodecahedron floating in deep space. As the focus clears, it shows that the dodecahedron is a giant space ship! "Oh yeah," one of the astronomers says. "That ship is a scouting vessel for an advanced alien race. We intercepted some of their transmissions. They're going to eventually come here and take over the planet, and force all of us to replace our body parts with clockwork."
"Isn't anyone doing anything about it?" you ask.
"Well, we were going to resist, but we figured it was futile. Besides, I'm looking forward to having a clockwork arm."

Crimbo 2007

In the guise of "a Crimbo miracle", a new "moon" (The Sinister Dodecahedron?)appeared in the sky on December 7, 2007, at roughly 4:45 AM EST. 3 days later, this moon was determined to be, in fact, a space station, likely to be the Sinister Dodecahedron itself.

During rollover on December 12, 2007, the Sinister Dodecahedron crash landed by Crimbo Town (2007).


  • This entire adventure is a reference to the Borg.

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