The Sewer

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

There was never a sewer in Market Square in Seaside Town. For the sewers under a Clan Basement, see A Maze of Sewer Tunnels.


You were able to get here from the Market Square and needed some chewing gum on a string to adventure. Not having any resulted in the following message:

You reach into the sewer grate, but you're unable to get your hand far enough down to grab anything. You're going to need some way of extending your reach.

Fishing Around in the Sewer

Averaged over many adventures, the no-clover encounter should return a worthless knick-knack, gewgaw or trinket 44% of the time, spices and equipment each 4 to 5% of the time. For detailed drop rates please see Fishing Around in the Sewer.

11leafclover.gif Sewer Luck!


  • This area was removed on October 5, 2010, and the chewing gum on a string was made usable. Instead of coming to The Sewer to use it, the text now shows that "you find a nearby sewer grating."
  • Concurrently, attempting to adventure here via the sewer.php link yields the message "There was never a sewer in Seaside Town", mirroring the text of the update that announced the change.
  • There are thirteen different items that can be obtained in The Sewer Luck adventure (the twelve starting items and the worthless trinket - the knick-knack and gewgaw cannot be selected), a number Jick usually avoids in KoL. Ironically, the name of the adventure is "Sewer Luck".
  • Adventuring here without Chewing Gum on a String does not consume an adventure.
  • Since the rollout of NS13, the seal tooth was replaced by the seal-skull helmet as a starting item for seal clubbers; and the same switch was made for the items available from the sewer. The seal-skull helmet is now found in the sewer, and the seal tooth must be traded for a worthless gewgaw, worthless knick-knack, or worthless trinket from The Hermit.
  • The spice loop is now limited by the number of clovers available each day at the Hermit.