The Servants' Quarters

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The Servants' Quarters

Most of the servants who were buried with you are still sealed in their fancy stone sarcophagi. Being dead's no excuse for slacking on the job, though. Perhaps it's time you woke one of them up and put them to work.

Entombed Servants - You may release x more servant.

Edserv1.gif Cat

   Level 1: Gives unpleasant gifts
   Level 7: Helps find items
   Level 14: Lowers enemy stats
   Level 21: Teaches you how to find items

Edserv2.gif Belly-Dancer

   Level 1: Lowers enemy stats
   Level 7: Restores MP
   Level 14: Picks pockets
   Level 21: Teaches you how to restore MP

Edserv3.gif Maid

   Level 1: Helps find meat
   Level 7: Attacks enemies
   Level 14: Prevents enemy attacks
   Level 21: Teaches you how to find meat

Edserv4.gif Bodyguard

   Level 1: Prevents enemy attacks
   Level 7: Attacks enemies
   Level 14: Attacks enemies even when guarding
   Level 21: Teaches you how to defend yourself

Edserv5.gif Scribe

   Level 1: Improves stat gains
   Level 7: Improves spell crit
   Level 14: Improves spell damage
   Level 21: Teaches you how to improve stat gains

Edserv6.gif Priest

   Level 1: Attacks undead enemies
   Level 7: Improves evocation spells
   Level 14: Improves Ka drops
   Level 21: Teaches you how to improve spell damage

Edserv7.gif Assassin

   Level 1: Attacks enemies
   Level 7: Lowers enemy stats
   Level 14: Staggers enemies
   Level 21: Teaches you how to improve physical attacks


Occurs at Your Tomb.


  • The servant you're currently using is listed under "Busy Servant". Other released servants are listed under "Freed, but Lazy Servants".
  • After learning all the skills, you receive XP to bestow upon a servant instead:
    • Instead of receiving a skill point, you receive 100 XP to bestow.
    • XP is bestowed up on the current (active) servant.
      • Releasing a new servant does not make it active, you have to put them to work first.
    • You can imbue servants a maximum of ten times in total.
    • You can imbue a single servant up to the maximum of 441 XP (i.e. to level 21).
    • You can also imbue servants that already have maximum XP, but this uses up the imbuement and does nothing else.
    • If you've done enough runs that you, on the start of the run, have more skill points than there are skills, you the remainder as XP to bestow right at the start of the run.


  • The Level 21 skills did not work until sometime on February 19th.