The Scrapheap

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The Scrapheap replaces The Campground in the You, Robot special challenge path.

Here you can find:

  • Activate the Chronolith
    • Spend energy to gain 10 Adventures.
    • Initial cost is 10 energy and costs more energy with each subsequent use. Cost resets at rollover.
    • With insufficient energy: "You don't have enough energy!"
    • When used:
You plug into the Chronolith and activate it. What a miraculous device.
EnergyYou use X Energy.
AdventuresYou gain 10 Adventures.
  • Collect Energy
    • Spend 1 Adventure to gain energy.
    • Initial gain is 25 energy. Decreases by 15% after each use. Resets at rollover.
      • Initial gain per day is increased by 1 per normal (softcore) ascension, 2 per hardcore ascension, up to a maximum of 37.
    • With no Adventures: "You don't have time to power up right now."
    • When used:
You hook yourself up to the downed power line and recharge your batteries.
EnergyYou gain X Energy.
  • Reassembly Station
  • Scavenge Scrap
    • Spend 1 Adventure to gain 4-6 scrap and heal 50 HP.
      • First scavenge of the ascension is increased by 3 per normal (softcore) ascension, 6 per hardcore ascension, up to a maximum of 37.
    • With no adventures: "You don't have time to spelunk for scrap right now."
    • When used:
You venture into the middle of the Scrapheap, where all the best scrap is.
ScrapYou gain scrap
You grab a little bit of extra metal and use it to fill in some of your dings and dents.
HPYou gain 50 hit points.


  • Energy cost for the Chronolith increases by 1 after each use for each of the first 37 uses (10, 11, 12, 13, etc). After 37 uses, the energy cost is doubled (45, 46, 47, 96, 98, 100), and after 74 uses, the energy cost is multiplied by 10 (144, 146, 148, 750, 760, 770).
    • Prior to 2021/03/16, Chronolith energy cost only increased by 1 each time, leading to... shenanigans.