The Savorier Savior

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The Savorier Savior
The Savorier Savior

As you stroll down the street, Korneelleeoos catches up with you again. "Congratulations on fulfilling your destiny, Decken Houston," he says. "A reward for your great deed has been sent far into the future, around the curve of the great doughnut of time, to land in the inventory of your ancestor."

"Well, I suppose that makes perfect sense. I have no desire for you to explain it further," you say.

"Good. Well, now that Mai'Lii's been defeated and we're not facing imminent extinction, why don't you explore the Megalopolis a little?" Korneelleeoos pulls out a map and points out some points of interest, pointedly. "If you can find the elevator, Uptown's always fun. But there's a lot to see Downtown, too. Or you could try and hop on a ship and get offworld," he says.

"Is there any chance I can go back to see Jill? We had some unfinished business," you say, blushing.

"Nope," Korneelleeoos says, "it's either Uptown, Downtown, or offworld."

Go Uptown

You decide to go Uptown, hoping to find some girls who are living a white-bread world, and are looking for a downtown man. After all, that's what you, uh, am.

In the Seaside Megalopolis, the Up in Uptown is straight up -- thousands of stories into the sky. The quickest way to get there is simply to walk into the tallest building you can find, and then take the express elevator up.

Granted, finding a tall skyscraper would be a whole lot easier without the cloud cover approximately ten feet above your face. Without that, though, you'd miss the aesthetic appeal of futuristic technology shimmering in the rain, not to mention the delight of being constantly soaked. You start practicing your upper-class snobbery while you search for a way up.

You gain 25 Smarm.

Stay Downtown

Since you're alone and life is making you lonely, you decide to stay Downtown. You walk down the street, bumping shoulders and knocking elbows with a truly scary assortment of humanity: punks with cybernetic titanium mohawks, bikers with giant razor-tipped spikes on their shoulderpads, little old ladies with floral umbrellas (trust me, the last person you want to mess with is the little old lady casually strolling through a dangerous neighborhood). You flex your biceps and puff up a little, trying to look threatening.

You gain 25 Strengthliness.

Get Outta Town

You decide that exploring a futuristic megalopolis couldn't possibly compare to the excitement of hurtling through space in a glorified soup can, with only a thin layer of metal separating you from instant, blood-boiling, lung-bursting death.

You've got some serious thrill issues, dude.

Anyway, you decide to join a starship crew and get off of the planet. As soon as you have that thought, a billboard changes to a woman in a sexy astronaut costume saying, "Decken Houston! Looking to go offworld? Come on down to the Desert Beach Spaceport!" Wow, advertising in the future is really precisely targeted. You set your neural GPS unit to the Desert Beach and start in that direction. You look up at the stars and ponder the mysteries you soon will be exploring. Then you look down at your foot and ponder the mystery of what you just stepped in.

You gain 25 Mysteriousness.

Occurs at Seaside Megalopolis after completing the (as yet unnamed) future quest.