The Road Less Traveled

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The Road Less Traveled
The Road Less Traveled

You wander a piece up the road, figuring that if life is a highway, you might as well ride it all night long.

You pass a set of old wagon ruts leading deeper into the forest, just past a cobblestone path leading to a run-down-looking cottage. As you're trying to decide which of those things to investigate, you hear a whistling from behind you, and turn around to see a hunter sitting in a tree stand just off the road.

Follow the ruts

You follow the wagon ruts, being careful not to get stuck in them, until you find an old overturned Meat wagon.

You search through the wreckage and help yourself to the spoils. And the freshes.

Meat.gifYou gain some Meat.

Knock on the cottage door

Without wooden stakes in inventory:

You knock on the cottage door, and it is opened by none other than the famed Vampire Hunter G.
"You! Have you seen any vampires around here? The forest is crawling with them. Crawling!"
"I... er..." you stammer.
"Take these. If you find a vampire, use them to impale it and then tear out its heart. Then bring the heart back to me. I use them for... for... never mind what I use them for! Stop asking so many questions!"
"But I didn't..." you say, as as[sic] he shoves some stakes into your hands and slams the door in your face.
Stakes.gifYou acquire an item: wooden stakes

With wooden stakes in inventory, and without any vampire hearts in inventory:

You knock on the cottage door and are greeted again by Vampire Hunter G.
"Found any vampires yet?" he snaps.
"I... no?" you stammer.
He sighs and slams the cottage door in your face without replying. How rude.

(Does not use an adventure)

With at least one vampire heart in inventory (no wooden stakes necessary):

Have a Heart
Have a Heart

Talk to the hunter
Tree's Last Stand
Tree's Last Stand
  • Sell him a bar skin for 75 Meat: Sell 1 bar skin for 75 meat
  • Sell him all your bar skins for X Meat: Sell all bar skins for 75 meat each
  • Buy a tree for 100 Meat: Purchase a spooky sapling
  • Take your leave: End adventure
  • Note: Transactions do not end the adventure