The Reckonin'

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The Reckonin'

After a few days at the Distant Lands Dude Ranch, you decided to take a load off, and head on down to the local saloon.

As you enter, a burly cowboy turns from his place at the bar, looks you straight in the eye, and says "I reckon this town ain't big enough for the both of us."

"I reckon you're right," you reply. "So what do you reckon you're gonna do about it?"

"Well, I reckoned I'd go buy some lumber and some tools, and make the town a little bigger. Wanna give me a hand?"

"Sure," you reply.

You spend the rest of the evening building additions to all of the buildings in town. Carpentry is quite a workout, you reckon.

AdventuresYou lose 3 Adventures.
Meat.gifYou spent 500 Meat.
You gain X Muscleboundness.
Shorescrip.gifYou acquire an item: Shore Inc. Ship Trip Scrip

Occurs at Distant Lands Dude Ranch Adventure.


  • Stats gained from this adventure will range from (0.35 * mainstat) to (0.55 * mainstat), with an average multiplier of 0.45.