The Psalm of Pointiness

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The Psalm of Pointiness

The Psalm of Pointiness

Type: Buff
MP Cost: 15

And lo, unto the audience shall be conjured an aura of pointiness, and verily shalt those who attack the audience be poked as though with legion pointy objects.

Gives Effect: Psalm of Pointiness

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 8,000 Meat
Class: Accordion Thief
Level: 9
Effect: Psalm of Pointiness (inflict 4-8 damage and delevel enemies by 1 to 5ML when taking damage) (X Adventures)
When Used:
You bust out your (accordion) and play The Psalm of Pointiness, with (target) as your audience. (X Adventures)
Psalm.gifYou acquire an effect: Psalm of Pointiness
(duration: X Adventures)


  • The number of turns granted depends on the accordion used.

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  • On August 8, 2006, this skill's casting cost was changed (from 16MP to 15MP), its level was changed (from 8 to 9), and its effect was changed (from damaging enemies to damaging and deleveling enemies).