The Prince of Wishful Thinking (Body)

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The Prince of Wishful Thinking
The Prince of Wishful Thinking

As you wander through the violet fog, you find a dais with a giant purple throne on top of it. It’s decorated with pictures of weeping pigeons and animals in poses that pique your curiosity. Sitting on the throne is a small, skinny man holding a giant guitar twisted into an unfathomable shape.

“Greetings, adventurer,” he says. “My name is…” a brief image of a squiggly symbol flashes in your mind, but his name is unpronounceable in (and by) your mortal tongue. “I am the prince of this place.”

“But if you’re the prince,” you say, “where is the king?”

“Some say he is dead, and some say he was abducted by aliens,” the prince says. “Some believe he switched places with an impersonator and still secretly lives among us, but I think those people should act their age, not their shoe size.

Anyway, since he is not here, it is my job to reign on the purple throne.”

He shifts in his chair and seems to stare through you. “It seems you have learned much in this place. Your mind is strong -- but your body still seems a little weak. I can help you become stronger in body as well as spirit, if you’d like. Will you allow me to train you?”

Accept the training (1)

The prince claps his hands together. Seven wisps of smoke spring up from the ground and coalesce into seven beefy (and porky) warriors. You fight all seven of the warriors, and the prince watches them fall. As you defeat them, each one turns back into smoke and wafts away.

"Good, good," the prince says. "You've smoked them all." You feel invigorated by the workout.

You gain X Strongness.

This way

That way

The other way

Occurs in the Violet Fog.


  • Stats gained depend on your primary stat, and the type of trip taken.
    • Training during the Bad Trip will yield roughly 37.5% (3/8) of your primary stat (regardless of which stat you train in).
    • Training during the Mediocre Trip will yield roughly 44% (4/9) of your primary stat.
    • Training during the Great Trip will yield roughly 55% (5/9) of your primary stat.


  • The small skinny man on the throne is Prince, who changed his name at one point to an unpronounceable symbol. The king he talks about is Elvis. The adventure title spoofs the Go West hit "King of Wishful Thinking".
  • This adventure references many of Prince's songs. Reigning on the purple throne refers to his most successful album, Purple Rain. "Weeping pigeons" and animals striking curious poses refer to the song "When Doves Cry". "Act your age (not your shoe size)" is a line from "Kiss". "Watching them fall" refers to another one of his songs, "7".