The Post-Apocalyptic Survivor Encampment

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You walk through the giant hole in the wall next to the fortified front door of an old sporting goods store. Inside are hundreds of dirty people.

They look really hungry, and they also look really sober. You should help with one or both of those problems.

[Dropdown List of Food & Booze] [ ] (give 10)

show all food and booze items

don't show items they've already got enough of

Back to the Time-Twitching Tower

  • After donating something:
The dirty people accept your donation and look at you with thanks in their dirty eyes. Dirty thanks.
  • After trying to donate an item they already have 1,000 of:
Though the survivors are literally beggars, they can apparently afford to be choosers, because they refuse your donation. They've already got enough of that particular item, it seems.
Toggled display of items the survivors don't want.

Occurs in the Time-Twitching Tower.


  • When originally created, this was called "Survivor Camp", and the placeholder text was "Intro! You see the survivors and they are soooo hungry and soooo sober. Soooooper sooober."
  • Was only open during the 5th stream. Attempting to visit afterwards gives:
    A voice from behind the barricaded door says "No, it's cool, we've got plenty of supplies now. Thanks!"