The Oracle

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The Oracle
The Oracle

Before asking her what to do

You open the door to the dilapidated tenement building and walk up the stairs to the fourth floor.

Outside her apartment door, a blind bum winks at you. You think. It's hard to tell behind the sunglasses.

You hesitate for a moment and then knock on the door. A young woman answers, smiling.

She leads you through the living room. A group of children sit on the floor in the center of the room, playing marbles without touching the marbles.

The woman says "She'll see you now." and gestures toward the kitchen door. You step through it.

When you enter the kitchen, a kindly-looking old woman apologizes to you for burning you. You're confused for a moment, and then she hands you a cookie and you take a bite of it, burning the roof of your mouth on the still molten chocolate chips. "How did you..."

She just smiles.

"What should I do, Oracle?"

She smiles. "You'll have to figure that out for yourself. I will tell you this, though. I don't remember leaving any spoons in <location>.

"Uh... okay."

Leave the Oracle's Apartment

After asking her what to do (incomplete quest)

You walk up the stairs and enter the Oracle's apartment.

"Did you find it?"

No, I'll keep not looking

"Come see me when you're ready."

Leave the Oracle's Apartment

After asking her what to do (completed quest)

You walk up the stairs and enter the Oracle's apartment.

"Did you find it?"


Don't give her a spoon

You don't give the Oracle a spoon. "Do you see, now?" she asks.

Weirdly... you do see.

+1 Enlightenment

"Now what?" you ask.

"Call your friends." she says. "There's a phone in the old Spookyraven place that should work."

Leave the Oracle's Apartment

After completing all quests

The Oracle is all out of spoons. Or... isn't she...

Leave the Oracle's Apartment


  1. The Skeleton Store
  2. Madness Bakery
  3. The Overgrown Lot
  4. The Batrat and Ratbat Burrow
  5. The Haunted Kitchen
  6. Cobb's Knob Laboratory
  7. The Lair of the Ninja Snowmen
  8. The VERY Unquiet Garves
  9. The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor)
  10. The Red Zeppelin
  11. The Hidden Park
  • The no spoon will drop on the 11th combat in the zone.
  • Once you have achieved Enlightenment, visit the ground floor of Spookyraven Manor and pick up the phone to gain skills.


Exclamations at the end of the messages (Darn! Rats! Crap! Phooey.) vary.

  • Messages on not finding no spoon:
The Skeleton Store
  • Aha! You find a barrel labelled "Knuckles & No Spoons"! Unfortunately, someone seems to have accidentally put a spoon in there. Crap!
  • You look around wondering where you might not find a spoon in here, and immediately find one clenched in a skeleton's teeth. Bah!
  • You push "NO SALE" on the cash register, and the drawer pops out. There's a spoon in it. Grumble.
  • You search the Skeleton Store for a bit, and find a spoon in a box labelled "Miscellaneous Small Bones & Spoons". What the heck?
  • You search a bin of animal skulls, and a spoon falls out of a particularly weird-looking one that you think might be a giraffe. Bah!
Madness Bakery
  • Oh jeez, look, it's a bakery. There's ALL KINDS of spoons in here. Look, there's one right there! Grumble.
  • You crack open a fortune cookie, and a spoon falls out. Rats!
  • You look under a tray of donuts, and yup, there's a spoon under there. Darn!
  • You open the drawer in the bakery kitchen where they keep all their spoons, and yup, spoons. Rats!
  • You take a bite out of a jelly donut, and it seems someone forgot to take the spoon out. Darn!
  • You break open a loaf of French bread, and find a spoon baked inside it. What the heck?
The Overgrown Lot
  • You find a blackened spoon in the corner of the lot, next to some rubber tubing. I guess someone was making a slingshot.
  • You kick over a rock, and find a spoon underneath it. Crap!
  • You search a clump of weeds in the corner of the lot, and find a spoon. Darn!
  • You search a mud puddle, and find a spoon at the bottom of it. Phooey.
  • You look in a pothole, and what do you know! A spoon!
  • You kick an empty beer bottle, and it jingles. Turns out there's a spoon inside. Darn!
The Batrat and Ratbat Burrow
  • Someone has very carefully balanced a spoon on the tip of a stalagmite. Crap!
  • You find a rat's nest full of trash and trinkets, including a spoon. Phooey.
  • You search a pile of old bones, and find a spoon. Grumble.
  • You look under a nearby rock, and find a spoon. Rats!
  • You find a huge pile of guano with a spoon in it. Ewwwwww.
  • A bat hanging from the cave ceiling shifts in its sleep and drops a spoon on your head. Phooey.
The Haunted Kitchen
  • You look around the Haunted Kitchen, and discover a spoon after, like, three-tenths of a second. This is gonna be a tough one.
  • You look in the Haunted Kitchen's fridge, and someone's left a spoon in the yogurt. Nuts!
  • You look in the Haunted Kitchen's sink, and find a spoon. That's, well, not much of a shock.
  • You look under the sink in the Haunted Kitchen, and find a spoon behind an ancient jar of lye. Darn!
  • You search the Haunted Kitchen's silverware drawer, and find a spoon. Unsurprising, really.
  • You try to avoid seeing a spoon in the Haunted Kitchen by just looking straight up at the ceiling. There's a spoon taped up there. Grumble.
Cobb's Knob Laboratory
  • You carefully lift up one corner of the linoleum floor. There's a spoon under there. Crap!
  • You check underneath a bunsen burner, and yup, there's a spoon. Bah!
  • You open a 3-ring binder of lab reports, and a spoon falls out. Grumble.
  • You open a drawer labelled "Extra Spoons" and what do you know -- spoons. Crap!
  • You search a closet full of Knob Goblin-sized lab coats, and pretty much all of the pockets have spoons in them. Nuts!
The Lair of the Ninja Snowmen
  • You ask a snowman if he's seen any spoons around, and he hands you one. Which is nice of him, but really the opposite of what you were hoping for.
  • You examine a rack of training weapons, and find a spoon in a bundle of throwing knives. Crap!
  • You examine a training dummy, and for some reason there's a spoon in its ear. Dangit!
  • You look around the room, and for some reason there's a spoon just lying in the middle of the floor. Crap!
  • You search a closet full of ninja tunics, and find a spoon in one of the pockets. Hmph.
  • You stumble over a lump in one of the tatami mats, and it turns out there was a spoon underneath it. What the heck?
The VERY Unquiet Garves
  • You find a gravestone that says "SPOON" on it. Does that count? Yeah, probably.
  • You look behind a tombstone, and find a spoon. Rats!
  • You look inside an empty grave, and it turns out not to be entirely empty, because there's a spoon in there. Crap!
  • You search around the graves, and find a spoon someone left on a gravestone as a memento. Darn!
  • You search inside a coffin, and discover that the occupant was buried with his spoon collection. Bah!
  • You dump out a jar of ashes, and a spoon falls out. What the heck?
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor)
  • Someone left a spoon in the hall. It's a regular human-size spoon though, so they probably just didn't see it.
  • You find a spoon in the Raver Giant's collection of used glowsticks. What the heck?
  • You find the goth giant's heroin spoon. Not that he actually does heroin, it's just an affectation.
  • You poke around in the Punk Giant's collection of safety pins and badges and bits of chain, and unfortunately find a spoon. Crap!
  • You poke around the Goth Giant's room for a while, and eventually find a spoon under some black lace handkerchiefs. Bah!
  • You search the Steampunk Giant's crafts table, and find a spoon among all the useless gears. Rats!
The Red Zeppelin
  • You look around on the Red Zeppelin's viewing deck, and view a spoon. Rats!
  • You search the Red Zeppelin's engine room, and find a spoon in a jar of motor oil for some reason. Grumble.
The Hidden Park
  • You look around an ancient and rusting jungle-gym (although the people who used it probably just called it a 'gym'), and find a spoon. Crap!
  • You peek under a wild and overgrown hedge, and discover an ancient spoon. Grumble.
  • When successfully finding no spoon:
You look around carefully, and... don't find a spoon! Finally!
Nospoon.gifYou acquire an item: no spoon