The Ode to Booze

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The Ode to Booze

The Ode to Booze

Type: Buff
MP Cost: 50

This is the best song ever. Whoever hears this song will gain a remarkable ability to drink, and will gain more adventures from alcoholic beverages.

Gives Effect: Ode to Booze

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 15,000 Meat
Class: Accordion Thief
Level: 12
Effect: Ode to Booze (grants extra adventures from booze items) (X Adventures)
When Used:
You bust out your (accordion) and play The Ode to Booze, with (target) as your audience. (X Adventures)
Odetobooze.gifYou acquire an effect: Ode to Booze
(duration: X Adventures)


  • The number of turns granted depends on the accordion used.
  • In a forum thread from 2004, ScottieGirlC wrote lyrics to the Ode to Booze. Sandrylene recorded the song, followed by another version from Jick himself.