The Necbromancer (1)

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The Necbromancer
Monster ID 1107
Locations The Haunted Sorority House: Behind Closed Doors
Hit Points 5000
Attack 350
Defense 350
No-Hit 360
Initiative  ?
Meat None
Phylum Indeterminate
Elements None
Resistance Soft damage cap: 1000
Monster Parts Indeterminate
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
The Necbromancer You're fighting The Necbromancer

Check it out, broseph, it's the scourge of the underworld, the Lord of all undead frat boys and sorority girls, the man who pierced the veil of darkness and learned that the true paddle is swung from within, the Beast With a Thousand Popped Collars: Chad Worthington-Gardner III, the Necbromancer. He regards you with the icy stare of someone who has chugged gallons of Russian Ice.

Hit Message(s):

He forces you to take a knee and chug some vile concoction. It makes you feel like you're freezing from the inside out. Brrrrrrrrrrr. (cold damage)

He spits a few vile syllables of some otherworldly tongue. You feel like shards of ice are stabbing you in the heart, and also the <shins>. Brrrrrrrrrrr. (cold damage)

He points at you with one crooked finger and mutters under his breath. You feel the chill of the grave drive all warmth from your body. Brrrrrrrrrrr. (cold damage)

He looks down for a moment and mutters dark and unpleasant words. Then he glares at you with eyes that glow an unearthly colour out of space. Eek! Ugh! (spooky damage)

He raises his staff to the sky and howls. A skeleton crawls out of the earth in front of you and shrieks at you, gibbering maniacally as you lose your grip on sanity. Oof! Ooh! (spooky damage)

He cackles madly at the darkening sky. A giant spectral paddle materializes in the air and swings through you. It doesn't hurt, but it scares the crap out of you. Oof! Argh! (spooky damage)

Critical Hit Message:

A stream of putrescent green light erupts from the end of his wizard's staff and wraps itself around you. You catch glimpses of the howling, monster-filled void just beyond our reality. It's totally lame, bro. Ouch! Ooh! (spooky damage)

After Combat

When you defeat his first form:

The Necbromancer falls to his knees, the runes on his hat going dark. He drops his head and vomits a vile black tar that begins to eat through the ground in front of him. Then he raises his foul face to the sky, screams "WEAK, BRO!", and falls over backwards, his hands clutching at the earth.

Just as you're reaching around to pat yourself on the back, the ground beneath you starts to shake and split . . .

Uh oh...


  • The Necbromancer has a soft damage cap, after which a special damage reduction is applied. If an attack would do no more than 1000 damage, then no damage reduction is applied. Otherwise, if X is the base damage done, then the actual damage The Necbromancer takes is 1000+(X-1000)^.7, rounded down. This formula is applied to any type of damage and to any source of damage.
  • Much like the junkyard gremlins, the Necbromancer never misses.