The Necbromancer's Shorts

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The Necbromancer's Shorts
The Necbromancer's Shorts

Wizards always have a ton of stuff they need to carry around with them -- weird herbs, and crystals, and runes, and powders -- not to mention the trained pigeons and long chains of colorful handkerchiefs. So, this is probably the first time you've ever seen anyone who was actually justified in wearing cargo shorts.

Type: pants
Moxie Required: 200
Outfit: Dark Bro's Vestments
  (3 items)

Cannot be traded or discarded

Serious Cold Resistance (+3)
Serious Sleaze Resistance (+3)
+30% Booze Drops from Monsters

(In-game plural: pairs of The Necbromancer's Shorts)
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Item number: 5339
Description ID: 856417196
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Obtained From

The Haunted Sorority House
The Necbromancer (2)

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