The Nearby Plains in the Distant Past

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Having travelled through a mysterious temporal rift in The Nearby Plains, adventurers found themselves in a strange old world. Vaguely resembling where the adventurers were just standing, it was decided the rift must have flung them far into the past.

(Note that not all of these areas are the same distance in the past. Clown Rock appears to be ancient prehistory: the Cola Wars Battlefield is perhaps some 80-100 years ago, as is the Perfectly Ordinary Pickle Factory, The Cemetery most likely dates back to this time as well, as it appears to be peaceful, rather than in the process of being rather rapidly filled by the awful body-count of an ongoing war. However, Fernswarthy's Hut and Susie's Cupcake Stand obviously are of more recent vintage, perhaps only 20-30 years ago. The same is quite possibly true of Cobb's Lump, Degrassi Book Depository and the Bat Divot - indeed, these may be even more recent.)

Areas in the Plains:


  • This area is accessible each ascension (after the first) during levels 4 and 5 after you return Fernswarthy's Key to your guild as part of The Wizard of Ego quest.
  • As of November 21, 2005, the temporal rift leading to this area disappears for players over level 5. Attempts to adventure there via the "Last Adventure" link will result in the following message:
The temporal rift in the plains has closed.
  • On August 8, 2006, the temporal rift leading to this area disappeared for players on their initial ascension. It is now available only to players that have ascended at least once.
  • As of January 24, 2007, the Plains in the Distant past remains closed at level 4. It is not open until you return Fernswarthy's Key as part of The Wizard of Ego quest. It can, however, still be opened at level 4. If you get Fernswarthy's Key prior to level 4 (or on your first ascension), the temporal rift spot will show small sparkles; when you click on this space, you are told: "How odd. There's a small, bright light here, hovering a few feet off the ground. You touch it, warily, but other than a tingly sensation in your hand, nothing happens. It almost seems like it was meant to be some kind of dimensional gate, but apparently whatever magic was used to create it didn't work properly."