The Mysterious Island in the As-Yet-Unimplemented Future

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
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Having travelled through a mysterious temporal rift on a mysterious island, adventurers found themselves in a strangely different world. Though the geographical features of this new area were similar to those of the Island, much was different about the locations.

The entire island was covered in Scorched Earth, and The Hippy Store, Orcish Frat House and The Hippy Camp were nothing more than charred rubble.

Though nobody could tell for sure what had happened, many had their suspicions. Nevertheless, the adventurers returned through the rift and came back to the present time, leaving the barren, futuristic island behind.


  • On November 19, 2005, the Temporal Rift leading to this area disappeared.


  • Was thought to be caused by the Council's plans to nuke the Kingdom from orbit in their attempt to stop The Gray Plague. However, Xenophobe says "This is... not quite right." in his first post in this topic.
  • Many people believed that when the comet hit, this future would be implemented. They were mistaken.
  • The bombed-out Island may have been an alternate future in which the war between the Frat Boys and Hippies resulted in them killing each other or the pirates bombing them both into oblivion.
  • On the Dec 2, 2010 radio show it was confirmed that this was a reference to the Frat/Hippy war.