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The Museum is located in Seaside Town. It contains and tracks various information about the Kingdom of Loathing. It opened on November 5th, 2010.

First Floor

Museum top.gif
Museum left.gif Musicehouse.gif Lbweird.gif Lbgoo.gif Museum elevator.gif Museum right.gif
Lbclandungeon.gif Aagsign.gif Lbspel.gif
Lbstandard.gif Collection.gif Lbbatfellow.gif Lbtcrs.gif
Lbgyffte.gif Lbkoe.gif Lbplumber.gif Lblksummer.gif
Museum bottom.gif

Second Floor

Museum top.gif
Museum left.gif Plaque3.gif Plaque6.gif Plaque4.gif Museum elevator.gif Museum right.gif
Plaque crimbom.gif
Zone C.gifZone h.gifZone a.gifZone k.gifZone r.gifZone a.gif
Zone C.gifZone l.gifZone e.gifZone a.gifZone n.gifZone s.gifZone e.gifZone r.gifZone s.gif
Plaque1.gif Plaque2.gif Plaque7.gif Plaque5.gif
Plaque8.gif Obsplaque.gif
Zone E.gifZone l.gifZone d.gifZone r.gifZone i.gifZone t.gifZone c.gifZone h.gif Zone I.gifZone n.gifZone c.gifZone u.gifZone r.gifZone s.gifZone i.gifZone o.gifZone n.gif
Zone H.gifZone e.gifZone r.gifZone o.gifZone e.gifZone s.gif
Museum bottomwindow.gif

Third Floor

Museum top.gif
Museum left.gif Lbwol.gif Lbcomser.gif Lbocrs.gif Museum elevator.gif Museum right.gif
Lbca2.gif Lbsp.gif Lbsas.gif Lbhr.gif
Lbpicky.gif Lbed.gif Lbgnoob.gif Lblta.gif
Lblar.gif Lbpokefam.gif Lbglover.gif Lbdd.gif
Museum bottomwindow.gif

Fourth Floor

Museum top.gif
Museum left.gif Lbstatistics.gif Lbclan.gif Lbfamiliar.gif Museum elevator.gif Museum right.gif
Lbgrim.gif Royalplaque.gif
Lbaob.gif Lbbi.gif Lbzombie.gif Lbts.gif
Lbbhy.gif Lbwosf.gif Lbtrend.gif Lbna.gif
Museum bottomwindow.gif

Fifth Floor

Museum top.gif
Museum left.gif Lbclassa.gif Lbjarlsberg.gif Lbbig.gif Museum elevator.gif Museum right.gif
Lb2015.gif Lb2016.gif Lb2017.gif Lb2018.gif
Museum bottomwindow.gif


  • The first floor contains the leaderboards that were formerly found in The Hall of Records, The Collection Collection, and the newer special challenge path leaderbords.
  • The second floor contains the plaques that were formerly found in The Cannon Museum, but not The Knott Yeti Habitat.
  • The third floor contains the older special challenge path leaderboards.
  • The fourth floor contains even older special challenge path leaderboards as well as a few miscellaneous leaderboards.
  • The fifth floor contains additional older special challenge path leaderboards as well as the yearly ascension leaderboards from 2015 onwards.
  • Clicking the elevator's up button on the fifth floor yields the message: "This elevator isn't made of glass, so you can't go any higher than the top floor."
  • Clicking the elevator's down button on the first floor yields the message: "This Museum is like the Alamo: No matter what that old fortune teller told you, it doesn't have a basement."
  • The Ice House is not shown unless you have a monster banished.
  • When an ascension leaderboard does not have any entries, the following message is in its place:
    • (there is nobody on this leaderboard yet -- now's your chance!)


  • A few leaderboards were removed on January 1, 2015. Here lies the plaques for those leaderboards:
Lbpvp.gif Lbhardcore.gif Lbbadmoon.gif
  • At some point between February 15th, 2019 and March 3, 2019 the museum was re-arranged to accommodate newer leaderboards. In the process, the leaderboard for the KOLHS special challenge path was removed. This may have been an oversight.
  • The Ice House has been made inaccessible by normal means on multiple occasions due to TPTB placing another leaderboard over its location. It was added again on September 8, 2019.


  • The message displayed when a player tries to go above the fifth floor is a reference to Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, a children's book by Roald Dahl, in which a glass elevator magically ascends through a building's roof and into outer space.
  • The result displayed when a player tries to go below the first floor is a reference to the film Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.