The Most Absorbent Spirit Ever

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The Most Absorbent Spirit Ever
The Most Absorbent Spirit Ever

After a fierce, yet annoyingly repetitive battle aboard the airship, you collapse on the deck. Your wounds are too great - you simply cannot continue your quest.

As you fade in and out of consciousness, you see a blurry figure in front of you. "Rest, adventurer," it says, and you realize it is some sort of spirit. Y'know, because it sounds . . . spirit-like.

The spirit presses itself close to your body and absorbs whatever's leaking out of your wounds. It's at once comforting and vaguely disgusting, but you're too worn out to protest.

"Take this with you, adventurer . . ." the slightly grubbier spirit whispers, and vanishes.

Imm3.gifYou acquire an item: Gauze Immateria

Occurs at The Penultimate Fantasy Airship.