The Mastermind

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The Mastermind
Monster ID 1681
Locations A Crowd of Adventurers
Hit Points 0
Attack 0
Defense 0
Initiative 80
Meat None
Phylum dude
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts arm, head, leg, torso
Manuel sinister-looking cat
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
The Mastermind You're fighting The Mastermind

It looks like you're the last one standing in this Kingdom's Smartest Adventurer contest. There is one other contestant remaining, but he's sitting down.

The tall, expensive leather office chair swivels around, revealing a bald man in a gray suit, with a scar over one eye. He's petting an extremely fluffy white cat.

"So, <Playername>," he says with the thinnest slice of a smile. "It is down to you and me."

"How did you know my name?"

"Ha ha ha," he says -- not actually laughing, just saying the words 'ha ha ha'. "I know everything I need to know about you. I know your every move, every technique you are likely to try against me, and I have planned accordingly. I can destroy you without lifting a finger."

Hit Message(s):

He pushes a button on the arm of his chair, and a pit trap opens beneath you. "Maybe just one finger," he says with a sneer. Oof! Ugh! Argh! Argh! Ouch! Ugh! Ouch!

As you move forward to attack, a land mine bleeps underfoot. You leap away from it, and land directly on a second one. "Such predictability," The Mastermind admonishes you as it explodes. Argh! Ugh! Ow! Eek!

The Mastermind's cat jumps out of his lap as you get near, and claws you repeatedly in the <groin>. "Now now, Muffikins," The Mastermind says with a chuckle, "there's no need to interfere." Argh! Oof! Oof! Ow!

A shot rings out, and you feel a sharp pain in your <neck>. "It's amazing how cheaply one can hire a sniper these days," The Mastermind comments. Ouch! Ouch! Ow! Ugh! Oof! Ouch! Argh!

Critical Hit Message:

"By the way," The Mastermind says, "the poison in your breakfast should be taking effect right about... now." (CRITICAL HIT!) Oof! Ow! Ow! Oof! Ugh! Argh!

Poison.gifYou acquire an effect: Somewhat Poisoned
(duration: 10 Adventures)

After Combat

You gain ? <substat>.

Occurs at The Naughty Sorceress' Tower, as the final opponent in the Smartest Adventurer contest.


  • Sometimes blocks physical attacks with the message:
    Mystical defense! You miss!