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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
The Market

The Market Demon runs the Market in Market Square. The Market always has the beginner items you need, if you don't mind paying retail prices.

The Market Demon Hey. I'm the Market Demon. I sell things, and you buy them. Or else.

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Balm.gif Ben-Gal™ Balm 24 Meat
Mascara.gif glittery mascara 24 Meat
Spraycan.gif hair spray 24 Meat
Fortune.gif fortune cookie 40 Meat
Beercart.gif beer cartilage 50 Meat
Gum.gif chewing gum on a string 50 Meat
Spraycan.gif spray paint 50 Meat
Powder.gif fermenting powder 70 Meat
Sodawater.gif soda water 70 Meat
Pass.gif casino pass 100 Meat
Permit.gif hermit permit 100 Meat
Spraycan.gif magicalness-in-a-can 200 Meat
Heart1.gif moxie weed 200 Meat
Coffeecup.gif strongness elixir 200 Meat
Partyhat.gif party hat 300 Meat*
Tterrarium.gif Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium 500 Meat
Ade.gif Hatorade 500 Meat
Buspass.gif Desert Bus pass 5000 Meat*
— For The Kitchen —
Ezcook.gif E-Z Cook™ oven 50 Meat
1shaker.gif My First Shaker™ 50 Meat
Cocktailkit.gif Queue Du Coq cocktailcrafting kit 1,000 Meat
Oven.gif Dramatic™ range 1,000 Meat
— Fireworks! —*
Dynamite.gif M-242 300 Meat
Bor3snake.gif snake 300 Meat
Bor3sparkler.gif sparkler 300 Meat
— Oyster Egg Day Special —*
Basket.gif oyster basket 300 Meat
— Pool Toys! —*
Poolnoodle.gif foam noodle 300 Meat
Poolduck.gif inflatable duck 300 Meat
Poolwings.gif water wings 300 Meat
— Yuletide Treats —*
Marshmallow.gif marshmallow 100 Meat


That isn't a reasonable number in this context. Thanks for trying, though.
  • If you try to buy something without selecting it:
Remember that time when you tried to buy something without actually specifying what you wanted to buy? That was awesome.
  • If you try to access a store that doesn't exist, you get an an empty version of this store with the following as store text:
Hey. I'm the Market Demon. You've been sent back here by some kind of bug. You might as well buy some stuff while you're here, though.


  • The Market Demon is a reference to a computer daemon -— a program consistently running on a computer that serves a specific function (like a mail daemon). In this case, he is always online selling things.
  • The text seen when you attempt to purchase an item without selecting anything is a reference to "The Chris Farley Show", an old Saturday Night Live sketch in which Chris Farley would ask various celebrities if they remembered certain scenes from movies they were in, and then say "That was awesome."