The Malus of Forethought

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The Malus of Forethought

The Malus of Forethought is located in The Brotherhood of the Smackdown and is therefore only accessible by muscle classes. You gain access to it by learning the skill Pulverize:

You learn a new skill: Pulverize.
Torg looks up at you. "Lemme show you something," he says, and points to a giant hammer in the back corner that you hadn't noticed before. "This is the Malus of Forethought. You're probably strong enough to use it now. You can pulverize stuff with your regular tenderizing hammer, but the Malus allows you to combine the essences of things you pulverize."

The Malus allows you to combine powders into nuggets, which can be further combined into wads.

The Malus can also be used to combine floaty aggregates.


  • The name is a play on the legal term malice aforethought.
  • "Malleus" is Latin for "hammer." "Malus," on the other hand, is Latin for "bad/evil," the mast of a ship, or an apple tree.
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