The Machine of Drunk

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The Machine of Drunk
The Machine of Drunk

You knock on the door and a man with short, spiked blond hair opens it. He's wearing the weirdest costume you've seen tonight: a big metal codpiece shaped like an eagle. You're so surprised, you forget to yell "Trick or treat!"

He nods at you, winks, and says, "somos fantasmas en el mundo material."

"Um, sure we are," you say, trying to maintain eye contact.

"¡Es verdad, somos!" he says, insistently.

"Uh...claro que si?" you say, trying one of the few BorderSpeak phrases you know.

"¡Eso es! ¡Exactamente!" he says, and hands you a bottle of booze.

Pebblebrau.gifYou acquire an item: Fantasma en la Máquina

Occurs while Trick or Treating on Cinco de Halloween.


  • For a few hours after rollover, the 2nd to last line started with "Uh...claro que siacute;?".


  • Somos fantasmas en el mundo material translates to "We are spirits in the material world". "Spirits in the Material World" is the first song on the 1981 album Ghost in the Machine by The Police.
  • "Ghost in the Machine" is also the translation of Fantasma en la Máquina.
  • Sting (lead singer of The Police) played a character who wore a codpiece shaped like an eagle in the 1984 film adaptation of Dune.