The Lunar Lunch-o-Mat

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The Lunar Lunch-o-Mat is located in Elvish Paradise, and is accessible after completing the Repair the Elves' Shield Generator quest. It is run by Terenceborn Cakebaker.

Terenceborn Cakebaker
Greetings, hero! You may wonder why, if you are a female human, that I don't address you as "heroine." You see, we Pork Elves have grown beyond such distinctions of gender and live in a fully integrated and equal society, so such petty concerns are beneath us! So unbunch your undergarments, regardless of what may be contained therein, and help yourself to some of my tasty treats! Considering you are the savior of our entire species, I am prepared to offer you a 25% discount!

Items Sold

Tasty Treat: Isotopes:
Beerbottle.gif Saison du Lune 10 lunar isotopes
Shot.gif Moonthril Schnapps 50 lunar isotopes
Fruitym.gif Wrecked Generator 100 lunar isotopes
Bowl.gif Spaghetti with Moonballs 10 lunar isotopes
Crepes.gif Crepes a la Lune 50 lunar isotopes
Klpie.gif Moon Pie 100 lunar isotopes
Cometpop.gif Comet Pop 1 lunar isotopes
Flan.gif Flan in the Moon 5 lunar isotopes
Cake3.gif 1/6th Pound Cake 10 lunar isotopes


  • The shopkeeper mentions a 25% discount for saving his species, but this is somewhat misleading. There is no way to access the Lunch-o-Mat prior to repairing the shield generator anyway, so these items will always be priced as above. In addition, the "discount" is included in the listed prices (e.g. buying a Wrecked Generator will cost 100 isotopes, not 75).


  • The introductory text may refer to a brouhaha on the forums about the assumed gender of the player in different text.