The Loathing Herald-Times-Tribune-Messenger

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The Loathing Herald-Times-Tribune-Messenger

The Loathing Herald-Times-Tribune-Messenger is a newpaper issued during Crimbo 2009 for use with Don Crimbo's Fundraising Drive. This paper contains an interesting article, a holiday season shopping update, and a weather forecast.

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Archived Editions:


Writing is split between an NPC and various staff writers.

The following NPCs have all written articles:


  • All the names of the staff writers are anagrams of Mr. Skullhead.
  • The color-coded "Zombie Threat Level" (December 8 issue) alludes to the terror alert level system introduced by the the Department of Homeland Security in the United States. The system has taken criticism on numerous levels.
  • The December 8, 2009 issue includes the line "Vith Gott as my vitness, I thought zat fleas could svim", which is a reference to an episode of the television series 'WKRP in Cincinnati'.
  • Surviving the zombie uprising in a mall (as Seaside Town denizens do in the December 9 issue) is the plot of the film Dawn of the Dead.
    • It's also the plot of the recent game Dead Rising, which is referenced explicitly in the headline of the December 8 issue ("Dead Rising to Feast upon the Living")