The Lighthouse Keeper

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The Lighthouse Keeper

The Lighthouse Keeper is located in The Lighthouse area of the wartime Mysterious Island of Mystery. He will ask for help Recovering his Gunpowder. If his gunpowder was recovered during the war, barrels of gunpowder may be traded to him for big booms, bumpty-bump.


"Finally, some help, bumpty-bumpty-bump! Here I was, just minding my own business, trying to make the big boom, big boom, bumpty-bump, when all of a sudden war breaks out! War, bumpty-bumpty-bump! Those pirates, they went away, but on the way out of the cove they sank the ship that was bringing me my gunpowder! I need it! I need it for the big big boom, bumpty-bump!
Anyway, I tried going down to Sonofa Beach to see if any of it washed up, bumpty-bump, but those lobsterfrogmen down there are too tough for me to handle.
You -- you go get it for me, bumpty-bumpty-bump? 5 barrels, at least."
  • If you have acquired at least one barrel of gunpowder, then the following will be added the preceding text:
(You currently have X barrel(s) of gunpowder.)
"Sorry, but I don't have time to mess around with you right now. I'm waiting for the soldiers to come and help me, bumpty-bumpty-bump."
"My gunpowder! Big boom! Big big boom! Thank you, bumpty-bumpty-bump! Bumpty-bump!"
He gazes at you thoughtfully for a few seconds, then a smile lights up his face and he says "My life... er... my bombs for you. My bombs for you, bumpty-bumpty-bump!"
He then disappears into the lighthouse.
"I took most of the bombs over to your camp, bumpty-bumpty-bump, but there are a few left over. Big boom! Big boom!
Patchbomb.gifYou acquire some patchouli oil bombs
Hackeysack.gifYou acquire some exploding hackensacks
"I took most of the bombs over to your house, bumpty-bumpty-bump, but there are a few left over. Big boom! Big boom!
Teqgrenade.gifYou acquire some tequila grenades
Molotov.gifYou acquire some molotov cocktail cocktails
"The man giggles madly.
"I'm making the big boom, bumpty-bumpty-bump, but not for you! Not for you! You'll see, bumpty-bump! You'll see!
"Big boom, bumpty-bumpty-bump. Big big boom! Bring me some gunpowder, and I'll make it for you! Big boom for you, bumpty-bump!"
The Lighthouse Keeper's eyes light up as he sees your gunpowder.
"Big boom! Big big boom! Give me those, bumpty-bump, and I'll make you the big boom!" He takes the gunpowder into a back room, and returns with an armload of big bombs.
Bigbomb.gifYou acquire some big booms, bumpty-bump