The Large-Bellied Snitch

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The Large-Bellied Snitch
Monster ID 1141
Locations The Glacier of Jerks
Hit Points 10000
Attack 150
Defense 135
No-Hit 160
Initiative 150
Meat None
Phylum beast
Elements None
Resistance  ??? percent
Monster Parts arm, beak, Head, leg, tail
gluttonous stone
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
The Large-Bellied Snitch You're fighting The Large-Bellied Snitch

In the River of Ice, in a snow-covered ditch
Sits this gluttonous monster: The Large-Bellied Snitch!
He thinks he's the best kind of snitch, and his itch is
To tattle just who did just what with which witches,
And who hitched with whom and with what kind of hitches,
And who swatted whom with what kinds of slim switches.
His gossipy tongue will cut deep! You'll need stitches!
Don't listen, I pray, to his witch hitch switch snitches!

Hit Message(s):

The way that you're leaking your various juices,
I'd say that few things are as cooked as your goose is.

Critical Hit Message:

not known

Miss Message(s):

He swears at your skin and he curses your bones,
But he's using words, which are not sticks or stones.

He fumes and he festers and wishes you death,
But then he has to stop, for he's run out of breath.

He tugs on your sleeve and commences to tattle,
You firmly ignore his malevolent prattle.

As he tries to crush you, you leap away nimbly,
And perch like a bat on the edge of a chimbley.

Fumble Message:

He chases you, but he quite quickly gets winded
The moment of danger he posed has now ended. (FUMBLE!)

Special Move(s):

The Snitch shouts, "CANNONBALL!" and he leaps in the air!
You should be quite afraid! You should really beware!
The Snitch flops right down with a mighty Ker-FLOP!
X jerkcicles stick in his belly and POP!
He looks a bit torn-up and weak in the joints,
Like someone who's just lost Y hit points.

If he hits you:

With a sickening SMUNCH and a deafening SKLITCH,
You've been belly-flopped into a paste by the Snitch!
You took Z damage -- not just to your pride,
but also to what keeps your insides inside.

After Combat

Sstone glutton.gifYou acquire an item: gluttonous stone (100% chance)*


  • Laying out dangerous jerkcicles will deal damage to the Snitch when he belly flops. Each jerkcicle (X) you place will deal an additional 500 damage (Y), capped at 5000 damage (don't exceed 10 jerkcicles). The jerkcicles do not disappear after the Snitch belly-flops.
  • The belly-flop attack deals 25% of your Maximum HP in damage (Z), and occurs every 3 combat rounds. Staggering and stunning will prevent the belly-flop on the round that it would occur.
  • You will not take damage on the round that the belly-flop defeats the Snitch.