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You approach the window, and a gruff voice calls out "Password?"


"Whaddya want?"

Items Sold

Item: Price:
— Harmless Chemicals —
Seltzer.gif Knob Goblin seltzer 80 Meat
Bomb.gif Knob Goblin stink bomb 130 Meat
Spraycan.gif Knob Goblin sharpening spray 230 Meat
Syringe.gif Knob Goblin steroids 250 Meat
Lovepotion.gif Knob Goblin love potion 170 Meat
— The Harder Stuff —
Nosespray.gif Knob Goblin nasal spray 150 Meat
Eyedrops.gif Knob Goblin eyedrops 200 Meat
Spraycan.gif Knob Goblin pet-buffing spray 250 Meat
Pill.gif Knob Goblin learning pill 300 Meat
  • If you don't have the password:
You approach the window of the dispensary, and a gruff voice calls out "Password?"
"Umm..." you reply.
"Guards!" shouts the voice. To summon some guards. Who beat you up.
HPYou lose 20 hit points.

The Dispensary is located in Cobb's Knob Laboratories


  • You can find out the password here. (Must be relearned on ascension)
  • Unlike the old version of the Dispensary, you are not required to be wearing or even own the Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform if you know the password.
  • The items under 'harder stuff' each take up 1 spleen per use.

Refer to this handy table for effects and duration:

Item Effect Name Duration Effect
Knob Goblin sharpening spray Sharp Weapon 5 adventures +3-5 to weapon damage
Knob Goblin steroids Steroid Boost 5 adventures +2 Muscle (also, lose 15 Moxie Substat)
Knob Goblin love potion Knob Goblin Lust Frenzy 5 adventures +2 Moxie (also, lose 11-19 Muscle Substat)
Knob Goblin nasal spray Wasabi Sinuses 30 adventures +40% Meat drops, -20% Item drops, -1 Stats Per Fight
Knob Goblin eyedrops Peeled Eyeballs 30 adventures +20% Item drops, -30% Meat drops, -1 Stats Per Fight
Knob Goblin pet-buffing spray Heavy Petting 30 adventures +5 Familiar Weight, -10% from All Stats
Knob Goblin learning pill Big Veiny Brain 30 adventures +3 Stats Per Fight, -10% Meat drops, -5% Item drops


  • Prior to December 31, 2018, the nasal spray, eyedrops, pet-buffing spray and learning pill were 10 turn potions instead of 30 turn spleen items, and were mixed together with the other items without categorization.