The Kitchen in the Woods

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The Kitchen in the Woods
The Kitchen in the Woods

This is your standard cabin kitchen -- rusty, non-functional refrigerator, old style crank-driven flour mill, rickety spice rack, tormented face shapes burned into the wallpaper.

An indescribably horrible stench rises from the garbage disposal.

Raid the spice rack
You shake all the old cans and tins on the spicerack, but only one of them has anything in it. The label says '100% pure Dreadsylvanian tarragon.'

"More like... terrorgon," you think to yourself. Then you sigh.
Dv tarragon.gifYou acquire an item: dread tarragon

Screw around with the floor mill
You turn the crank on the flour mill for a while. Whee!

Maybe come back when you have something you want to make flour out of.
  • With an old dry bone in your inventory as a non-muscle class:
You stick your old dry bone into the flour mill, but you're not strong enough to turn the crank. Maybe you should get one of your more Muscular clanmates to do it for you.
You stick your old dry bone into the flour mill and give the crank a wicked twist with your strong arms. A few revolutions later, you've got a sizable pile of bone flour.
Disease.gifYou acquire an item: bone flour

Clean out the disposal
You clean out the garbage disposal the only way you know how: By running hot water into it and turning it off and on a couple of times.

It does seem to work, though. The kitchen smells way better now. Actually, the whole cabin smells better.

Actually actually, the whole forest smells better. What was in that disposal?

(No more Stench monsters will appear in the forest)

Back out
You slowly back out of the kitchen.

Occurs at The Cabin in the Dreadsylvanian Woods in Dreadsylvanian Woods.


  • Messing around with the mill without an old dry bone or as a non-muscle class does not end the adventure, nor does it count as an action.