The Jickinator

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the Jickinator
the Jickinator

This is a combat item Jick uses for testing stuff

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Bow wow wow.

(In-game plural: the Jickinators)
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Item number: 2944
Description ID: 653861412
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Obtained From

Being Jick

When Used

"Doh ho ho ho ho. Oh oh oh oh oh" (no damage)


  • Using this item will automatically win the fight by setting Monster HP to zero according to Jick on the May 24 development livestream.
  • This item also outputs the results of using fat stacks of cash as it was used to test that combat item.
  • This item's code contains the following message:
    You fire the Jickinator at your crotch, and begin to piss punchcards.
  • Has a "[use]" link in inventory.


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